New Research Shows How Payer-Provider Partnerships Can Accelerate Adoption of Evidence-Based Care

Ceci Connolly, BA & Connie Hwang, MD, MPH

​Article in the NEJM Catalyst by Ceci Connolly, BA & Connie Hwang, MD, MPH

In an effort to accelerate the delivery of medical knowledge and the adoption of evidence-based practices at the point of care, the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) launched a project exploring the role of health plans in influencing physician behavior. 

With funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the ACHP studied its own members — 21 nonprofit, community-based health plans and provider organizations — and found that closely aligned payer-provider partnerships helped hasten evidence from the lab to the bedside. Indeed, these collaborative efforts have contributed to reducing opioid prescribing, eliminating unnecessary labor inductions, improving diabetes and hypertension control, increasing depression screening and treatment, and reducing surgery costs, among other results.

“Nonprofit, community health plans can influence clinician behavior to ensure that patients are receiving the best evidence-based care medical research has to offer.”

Our report, “Accelerating Adoption of Evidence Based Care: Payer-Provider Partnerships,” reveals successful payer-provider partnerships and what makes them successful — and, their practices are by no means proprietary.

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